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Farb, David Hormone May Limit Stroke's Damage. September 12, 1997
Synthetic steroid dramatically reduces stroke damage. November 14, 1997
Farkas, Marianne New programs to assist older adults. October 16, 1998
Farraye, Francis Overcoming barriers. March 12, 2004
Farrer, Lindsay Gene Found to Be Risk Factor for Alzheimer's. November 7, 1997
New genetic clues to Alzheimer's found. September 25, 1998
Unraveling genetic mysteries. February 4, 2000
A drink a day reduces the risk of Alzheimerís. July 14, 2000
The family connection. January 18, 2002
Fattovich, Rudolfo Even more ancient. October 13, 2000
Fay, Richard Watch what you say around that pet goldfish. April 24, 1998
Feinberg, Emily Mothering matters. January 28, 2005
Feld, Alan Tax breaks where they're needed. September 26, 1997
Felson, David There's the rub. November 1, 2002
Felson, David T. Pain in the knee. October 10, 2003
Feng, Zhao Demedicalizing menopause. September 26, 2003
Ferrucci, Joseph Virtually easing medical testing. November 19, 1999
Fetters, Linda New Study to Assess Very Premature Infants. September 12, 1997
Fielding, Roger Getting baby boomers to launch an exercise program. September 18, 1998
Pumping iron: Rx for stroke recovery. November 3, 2000
Heavy lifting. April 26, 2002
Fineran, Susan Teen-on-teen harassment pervasive. September 24, 1999
Flores, Glenn Do no harm. February 8, 2002
Fortin, Norbert Animal memories. September 17, 2004
Foulkes, Fred K. Help Wanted: CEO. September 5, 1997
Fox, Matthew AIDS business. February 14, 2003
Frank, Deborah Reevaluating risk factors. March 30, 2001
Frank-Kamenetskii, Maxim A nano-key unlocks the secrets of DNA. January 26, 2001
Franzese, Giancarlo A new state of liquid matter. February 9, 2001
Freedberg, Kenneth Screening benefits for women with HIV. January 29, 1999
Wider HIV testing beneficial. October 15, 1999
Freedman, Patricia Providing for disabled children. September 11, 1998
Freedman, Ruth Empowering families to make their own care decisions. April 2, 1999
Freedman, Jane E. Getting it right. November 22, 2002
Freeman, Richard Artful management. January 30, 2004
Freund, Karen Medical Center grant focuses on women's health. December 5, 1997
Fried, Lise E. Getting at the truth. April 12, 2002
Friedl, Mark Mapping cities. January 16, 2004
Friedman, Robert Women raising kids have extra hurdles as med-school faculty. October 9, 1998
Friedman, Robert Faculty action. February 28, 2003

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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