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Declercq, Eugene State regulation and reimbursement policies and the certified nurse-midwife. August 7, 1998
Declercq, Eugene High-tech labor. December 6, 2002
DeFleur, Melvin L. Sober reflections September 20, 2002
DeFleur, Margaret H. Sober reflections September 20, 2002
DeLisi, Charles Finding useful links. February 22, 2002
Demidov, Vadim A nano-key unlocks the secrets of DNA. January 26, 2001
Demierre, Marie-France Melanoma an equal-opportunity killer. August 11, 2000
Denny, Margaret Speakeasy. April 21, 2000
Desai, Kamal First, do no harm. October 8, 1999
Deshler, James Building brain power. October 18, 2002
Deshler, James Making the right connection. February 4, 2005
DeStefano, Anita Closing in on the genes that help regulate blood pressure. June 26, 1998
DeStefano, Anita L. Blood pressure or pulse pressure? November 12, 2004
Deutsch, Lynne Where stars begin. March 23, 2001
First light. February 8, 2002
DiBlasi, Michael Even more ancient. October 13, 2000
Ding, Chunming Scanning for defects. October 3, 2003
Ding, Chunming Beyond genes. October 17, 2003
Ding, Chunming Noninvasive prenatal testing. October 1, 2004
Dixon, Chris New discoveries in an old collection. November 13, 1998
Donta, Sam Possible key to Lyme disease. November 20, 1998
Downes, Ed Capitol Hill's spin doctors. December 10, 1999
D\'Agostino, Ralph Taking a RISP. March 19, 1999
D\'Agostino, Ralph Want to live? Exercise. December 10, 1999

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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