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Abeijon, Claudia Fighting fungi. May 31, 2002
Aber, Jack One for the money. March 13, 1998
Abercrombie, Rachel Shocking events. March 12, 2004
Abers, Geoff Making an ocean bed. August 30, 2002
Abers, Geoffrey Glacial quakes. November 7, 2003
Abouraddy, Ayman Quantum leap. September 5, 2003
Albers, Alison Bored students gear -- and light -- up. February 14, 2003
Amar, Salomon Cutting-edge dentistry. January 23, 1998
Floss daily for a healthier heart. September 14, 2001
Amodeo, Maryann Slowing the spread of HIV. September 29, 2000
Annas, George Doing more harm than good. November 5, 1999
Anthony, William Taking a RISP. March 19, 1999
Aschengrau, Ann Girls at risk. November 10, 2000
Ash, Arlene Inequality in the classroom. June 23, 2000
Askew, George Giving at-risk children healthy options. December 3, 1999
Atema, Jelle Ancient Music. January 12, 2001
Atri, Alireza Thanks for the memory. February 27, 2004

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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