We remember the victims of the attacks on September 11, 2001
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Tom McGuinness

I never knew Tom personally, but when I saw that innocent people, such as Tom, had been in one of the ill-fated planes I was deeply saddened. My heart goes out to Tom and wife and children - may God be with you during this tragedy. Tom, the BU community will always remember you as a hero.

Undergrad Student
BU Student
17 September 2001

I don't care what you have done and how your life was, I only know that it wasn't right, so many innocent people... and you were one of 'em. I'm sorry for what happened, I'm sure you are ok now, looking from up above, God bless you and all the angels that were around you that day...

Cristina Cociani
A Visitor
23 September 2001

I was stunned and saddened to see Tom's name on the list of alumni who perished on Sept. 11. Although I didn't know him well, I dated a close friend of his for awhile and we all spent time together. I will always remember Tom as kind, sweet and a real gentleman -- the sort of guy who would take a buddy's off-again-on-again girlfriend out to dinner just to cheer her up during the holidays. My heart goes out to Tom's family and friends. I'm sure he was a joy to know and love.

Jodi Levin
BU Alumni
03 October 2001

Even though I never knew Tom, I can only imagine how it was to be a pilot on one of those ill-fated planes that crashed on 9-11. I am sure Tom was brave and held strong till the end. My prayers are with Tom and his family, and I hope his children have a successful life. It is an unfortunate situation that angers me and I hope the only thing that comes from this is good, so we let the evil know that they have not managed to break us.

A Visitor
27 November 2001

I was shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of my former team mate on the Boston University swimming team. I can still see Tom as a young college student, he had a crush on one of my best friends and I remember him as a really nice guy. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Brenda Skelley
BU Alumni
08 January 2002

I was truly shocked to see how many BU people were tragically lost on 9/11. It was even more shocking to see that Tom was on the list of names. I did not know Tom very well. However, I did know him through a mutual friend of his on the swim team. Tom was kind enough to let me stay in his dorm room over the Thanksgiving holidays when everyone else was gone and I lived too far away to return home. He didn't complain when he returned to find that I had played his albums and picked up his room for him. On another occassion, Tom and the rest of the Men's swim team were attending a swim meet in Florida. On the way back, the team slept on the floor of my parent's house. While they were there, Tom and some of his buddies went to check out the Navy flying school in the Pan Handle of Florida. On the way there, they were stopped for speeding. It just so happended that there was a film crew there to capture it and it was broadcasted back in Jacksonville. We all had a good laugh when the guys found out they were "outlaw celebrities". Tom was a wonderful person, the "all American" guy. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Carolyn Edwards Oliveri
BU Alumni
29 January 2002

Last month the wife and children of Tom McGuiness were in the Island of Mallorca (Spain), receiving a commemorative prize and all the conforting simpathy and love from the local Rotary Clubs. His wife told me that Tom had also gone to BU. He was also an active swimmer, like myself. Everyone of us could have been on that plane, and we never know when our days will come to an end. It is everyone's task to fight against evil people and ideas, but also to give hapiness / love / honesty to our friends and family, and society at large, like Tom did.

Roberto Mazorriaga
BU Alumni
22 February 2002

I was in Spain studying when we saw after lunch what had happened... instinctively I thought of the pilots of those planes, and their bravery... it makes me sick how such talented, beautiful people were laid to waste in such a horrific manner. To the family: Your father was a hero, always remember that. I certainly consider him to be one.

A Visitor
10 May 2002

To the family of Tom McGuinness, I wish to declare my profound sadness, though late as it may be, at the death of Tom McGuinness; a devoted leader, a man who loved his family, and a staunch American. I am a 1982 CLA graduate and a former active duty military pilot who currently flies for Delta and the Texas ANG. What Tom gave to us can never truly be expressed in the words of those who he left behind. Tom's greatest gift to his family and to his country is that he loved both above and beyond his concern for himself. There are few, if any, who could ever give of themselves in such a way. God Bless You, Tom McGuinness. We love and miss you very much. With my deepest condolences, Pete Lincoln (CLA, 1986)and Christina Runnels

Pete Lincoln
BU Student
20 June 2002

bless! be happy in the paradise!

zheng fuying
A Visitor
12 September 2002

Dear Cheryl, Today I put the finishing touches on your story for our August issue of SpiritLed Woman magazine, which I edit. I was just browsing the site of my alma mater when I came across Tom's name, much to my surprise. Your testimony has deeply moved me, and Carol did a fine job. I'll be in touch and will send you copies. May God's richest blessings attend you, Tommy and Jennifer always. Thank you for your gracious, courageous example.

Brenda J. Davis
BU Alumni
07 July 2003

Hi Mrs. McGuinness, i was very saddened to hear about Mr. Mcguiness and im still praying for you and Jennifer and Tommy! Tell them they are in my hearts now n' forever! Tell Jennifer i miss her and tommy also! I dont know if you guys remember me! But me and Jennifer went to Jr. High together! Anyways take care you guys!

A Visitor
09 March 2005

I knew Tom on a personal basis. I was in the Navy in VF-21 at NAS Miramar. Back then Lt. Mcguinness call sign "Stout" was my first division officer. He was a good pilot but a great man. He took care of me and treated me and my fellow shipmates with respect. I served with him, and will remember him.

Daren Lamp
A Visitor
03 July 2007

I wish Cheryl and the rest of the McGuinness family as well as Tom's friends and colleauges at American Airlines the best.even though I'm a complete stranger,I feel for those who knew and loved Tom for the kind and warmhearted man that he was.he will never be forgotten,God Bless!!

Wm.Clark Drew II
BU Student
11 January 2009

I served with Mr. McGuiness in San Diego, at VF-302. I was part of the enlisted crew, in the power plant shop. I just found out today he was the co-pilot.I live in New York, and was on Long Island that sad day.

Enrico Meighan
A Visitor
02 September 2011
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