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Brian Sweeney

I was very saddened to read in USA Today yesterday of Brian's death. I was a fellow member of the BU Class of '85 and lived on the same floor as Brian in our freshman and sophomore years. Brian had many diverse interests including playing the guitar and drawing various cartoon characters. He was actually a self-taught amateur artist and guitar player. A friend of mine from high school, who was an art major one day came to visit me. She met Brian and was immediately taken by his artistic skills and charisma. I will always remember Brian as a fun loving and loyal friend.

Russell Zentner (kfz100@aol.com)
BU Alumni
15 September 2001

I knew Brian socially during school. He was a kind, gentle, thoughtful person. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Beth Brown (Levey)
BU Student
17 September 2001

Brian played for the BU Football Team - I shared a position with him on the defensive line. He was hardworking, a teammate in every sense of the word. He took me into his home during one post-season game week and I met a wonderful family. With BU Football gone, I rarely see my teammates - homecoming was special in that way -I pray for Brian and his family.

Kevin Murphy
BU Alumni
18 September 2001

The Greatest Defensive Lineman I’ve Ever Known 19 years ago I played football for Boston University, AA ball. BU had a pretty good program back when they HAD a football team; in fact we won our division for three consecutive years. When I entered the locker room for the first time, I felt really small. I was one of the smallest guys on the team. I didn’t know anybody. Anyway as luck my locker was adjacent to a guy with the same surname as me, Sweeney. Everyday thereafter I’d open my locker and hear “How are you doin’ Sweens?” I’d crane my neck upward and say, “Just fine Sweens.” Every practice, for three years, Spring and Fall, “How are you doin’ Sweens?” Sweens was big defensive lineman well into six feet, 220 lbs., fast, agile and cleaver. He had wild black hair, but his most notable feature was his bright blue eyes. Those eyes were filled with such life. They conveyed the mischief of a leprechaun along with the wild fury of a fierce Norseman. I remember his eyes, because I was an offensive back and we Sweens met quite often at the line of scrimmage. Wait, let me correct that, usually a yard or two behind the line of scrimmage, followed by his open hand to lift me off the Astroturf. “You OK, Sweens?” Catching my breath, “Is that best you got, Sweens.” Sweens had a disarming charm. Boy was he a funny guy. He would just smile and you’d laugh. But he could be serious too, when he put on his football helmet he was all business. If he was angry, you knew it. He conveyed respect in a glance. After I graduated and Sweens and I drifted apart. A few years later, I met him at a party. We talked awhile and we caught up. He had earned his pilot’s license. As he left that night, I waved and said, “See yeah, Sweens.” He smile and returned “See yeah, Sweens,” and he was gone. Well a lot has happened since I last saw Sweens; I moved to LA. As for Sweens, I’ve read he was doing some kind of business consulting unfortunately that is all I’ve been able to find out. You see I’ve spent the last 5 hours trying to find a picture of him. See those bright blue eyes one more time. When you move across country you get separated for your network of friends and family, and even in the digital age there are times when news moves slowly. Today, a week after the fact, I received an email: Alan, your former teammate, Brian Sweeney (from BU), was on United flight 175. There was a great memorial service for him this past Sunday. I hope you didn't know anyone else involved... “How are you doin’ Sweens?” “I’ve been better, Sweens, I’ve been better.” Brian and I were not related. We were friends.

Alan Sweeney
BU Alumni
19 September 2001

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Brian's death. When I read the list of victims, and saw his name, I said to myself "There are so many Brian Sweeneys". Then I saw the photo of him as I remember him almost 20 years go when I first lived in Claflin Hall. I remember him being sarcastic, with a quick Irish wit. I also remember his artistic side. I will never forget his constant banter with Richie Doyle, and their battles on a snow covered Nickerson Field. Even though I did not know him well, I will always remembered him in my memories. My heart and deepesy sympathies go out to his wife and family.

Lynda Burke (Damato)
BU Alumni
04 October 2001

I was saddened to hear of Brian's death, he was one of those people that lived life to the fullest. I still remember my days with him on the 8th floor of Claflin Hall with Chuck Apelian, Russ Zentner, Steve Decker, Rodney Graham, Rich Doyle and the rest of the guys & gals of "Olympic House". My fondest memory of him was in the planning of the annual "face down swill festival"...Sweenz new how to throw a great party, and he was a great friend. My heart goes out to his wife and family. Brad Waugh SMG 1985

Brad Waugh
BU Student
30 October 2001

I knew Brian when I was in the Navy stationed in Miramar, CA. I was completely shocked to hear that he died. I remember his huge bright blue eyes and his smile. He was one of the nicest and funniest people I've ever known. The last time I saw him was at a friends wedding in Los Angeles in '91. We had lots of fun there - I have several pictures of him at the wedding . I'll find them and try to post them. I'm sorry for his wife - she couldn't have found a nicer man to marry.

Marie MacKenzie Lojko
A Visitor
05 December 2001

This past weekend I walked in on a suprise party for my birthday held at Cass St. Bar and Grill in Pacific Beach San Diego. While I was cutting the cake for all my friends I overheard that Brian's wife and brother were in the Bar and I immediately knew who they were and remebered this wonderful dedication by BU and the Alumni who are forever touched by the events of September. As I brought them cake I just wanted to express my condolences and make sure they have seen this page, which they hadn't, I wanted to know how much Brian and all the other BU Alumni who were victims of Terrorism mean to our community. Thanks you for the opportunity to express these thoughts, and for the capable and clean interface too boot! Go Terriers! Thomas Hanagan CAS '99

Thomas Hanagan
BU Alumni
05 December 2001

I feel real sorry for all the families!!!

A Visitor
17 December 2001

I am so sorry for your family on the loss of someone so young. You I know are in a better place. Rest well! A friend

A Visitor
15 February 2002

It has been so sad to see your wife on TV lately. She is such a special lady and obviously you were crazy about each other. Six months later, it still makes no sense.

A Visitor
11 March 2002

Brian and I met on the Terrier Football Feild. I was the team manager and he was a player. But not just any player, he was good. He rarely sat on the bench. And when he did get a break and I would give him a drink of water, he would always say, "thanks, Selma." He never took anyones kindness for granted. I also remember that he had so much respect for everyone. Not that the other guys didn't but Sweens just never tried to do or say anything that would shock me or anyone. He even showed great respect for his competitors. I knew that when he hit another player so hard, he would give them a look that would say "you okay?" You see, I saw his eyes as not only mirrors to his sole but visions of a better world. He was kind and always smiling. Intense yet always laughing. A truly good guy. Although we have not met since the days ago on the Terrier Field, I will always remember that big guy with a bigger heart. He was a friend to all. My sympathy to his family and friends...

Selma Gladney-Edelman
BU Student
05 June 2002

bless! be happy in the paradise!

zheng fuying
BU Student
12 September 2002

I sit here in tears, over two years later as I read the tributes of those that knew Brian before I ever did.......It just goes to prove that Brian portrayed the same image to everyone, throughout his ENTIRE short lifetime; a kind generous soul, taking no one for granted, a force to be reckoned with on and off the field....he will forever be in my heart as I was blessed to become his wife two years prior to 9/11...he is my strength, and my inspiration to live a life that would make him proud. Julie Sweeney IMASWEENZ2@aol.com

Julie Sweeney
A Visitor
05 January 2004

To Mrs. Sweeney & family. How proud you must be to read about how your loved one touched so many lives. The enormity of your loss comes through with your poignant comments, Mrs. Sweeney. You are in many, many thoughts and prayers. We will truly never forget!

A Visitor
18 August 2004

THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS BUT FITTING THEY ARE: In our collective desire to be better than we are, to achieve everlasting glory, to earn some shred of immortality, we all pay tribute to the champions. We bow in honor and we lift our glass to cheer for those who possess that rare strength and courage necessary to emerge victorious from the field of battle. Champions matter to us in many ways, but arguably they matter most because they give us hope. By their example we carry on and keep them in that place reserved for things we hold so dear. We keep them in our hearts, for that is where the Champions live immortal. Brian Sweeney was our friend, our team mate, and we knew him if only for a short while. We’ll keep the fire lit, rest in peace.

BU Alumni
30 November 2011

Moose still think about you. We flew tomcats together and you made a fun job even better. You are missed brother!!

A Visitor
29 March 2012

I served with Brian in the navy. We didn't know each other while at BU but we became fast friends while serving. He was a great man. Full of pride for his school, his country and mostly, his family. He was bigger than life, loud, boisterous and full of energy. I think of him often, and especially today. Miss you Moose.

Paco Chierici
BU Student
11 September 2016
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