Core Issues in Aging and Disability


The strongest new movement in support and care is integration of long-term services for older adults with those for people with disabilities. As service providers increasingly work with individuals from both populations, IGSW’s new, comprehensive course will bring you up to date. Understand how disability and age can affect function and quality of life along the continuum of adulthood. Learn about integrated approaches to “long-term living” and the practical implications for consumer choice, self-determination, ethics for service providers, and existing programs. The course guides you to new resources and clarifies federal laws and regulations that affect disability and aging. Useful links and video clips are included. (5 CEUs)

Course Benefits
  • Knowledge of the range of physical, psychological, and social challenges that occur throughout the life cycle as they relate to long-term-living programs and practice.
  • Understanding of related legal and ethical issues and personal and professional values that come into play working with a diverse client population; awareness of policy issues related to the role of the service provider.
  • Skills and tools to help clients and families identify and gain access to appropriate programs and services.



  • General Public: $150.00