Supervision for Effective Practice with Older Adults


Supervising social service practitioners who have older clients in their caseloads requires a melding of supervisory best practice with understanding of the particular requirements of working with older adults—the special medical, emotional, ethical, and legal challenges that are associated with later life. With this course, you’ll develop skills and knowledge in both of these crucial areas. And you will see how the collaborative, respectful, and supportive relationship you build with your staff members can be replicated between them and their clients. This course is for both new and experienced supervisors, providing a basic foundation along with a challenge to previously held assumptions. (4 CEUs)

Course Benefits
  • Knowledge of the different models of social work supervision, relevant aspects of practice with older clients, and the trends in social policy that affect supervision of practitioners in aging, including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Understanding of the importance of recognizing one’s own personal biases and values and those of the supervisee and of promoting acknowledgment of client strengths and respect for client values.
  • Skills and tools to implement the above and to effectively balance supervision with other management demands, such as ensuring that the agency’s administrative and performance goals are met.
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