Legal Issues in Aging


The legal and ethical concerns that arise in caring for older people place social service providers at the intersection of the legal system, philosophical principles, and intimate daily life. This course provides practical tools for addressing these concerns effectively with clients and families in the real world of long-term care. The expert contributor and commentator for the course are nationally recognized for their keen understanding of the law and the practice perspective. They focus on the major legal issues related to informed consent and decision-making that service providers are likely to encounter. Underlying concepts, practice guidelines, and legal recourse, including living wills, healthcare proxy, and power of attorney, are discussed. (4 CEUs)

Course Benefits

  • Knowledge of relevant concepts and terminology related to informed consent and decision-making, and the implications for practice.
  • Understanding of relevant values and biases regarding aging, of the implications of different cultural and spiritual values and beliefs, and of issues related to independence and safety.
  • Skills and tools to identify appropriate community resources and to intervene appropriately and effectively.


  • General Public: $120.00