Care Transitions


This course will focus on care transitions – the movement of individuals from one level of care to the next. It also explains the role that community based organizations can play in these transitions.  The course will describe the main components of evidence based models, tools for their implementation, and how the models differ from one another.  In addition, it provides participants with case studies that highlight the skills needed by practitioners to assist in effective care transitions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how health care policy and law affect consumers.
  • Identify the similarities and differences between the care transition models discussed in the course.
  • Explain the role of community-based organizations in care transitions.
  • Compare and contrast their setting, methodology, tools, and interventions.
  • Discuss your role in care transitioning.
  • Explain how culture, ethnicity, and health literacy impact care transitioning.

Number of Hours: 4


  • General Public: $120.00