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CELOP's First Web Album Online Now!

Remember your CELOP friends and classmates.

Remember your CELOP friends and classmates.

The first-ever CELOP Web Album, piloted this summer by faculty member Doreen Miller, is now available. Over 1,000 photos and a dozen videos of CELOP classes, activities, and fieldtrips. Remember your classmates, friends, and experiences at CELOP forever.

Doreen has collected photos and video clips from CELOP students and teachers to commemorate students' experiences in various programs, events, field trips and activities during summer 2008. This impressive collection, with contributions from many CELOP students and faculty, is available now on the CELOP Alumni website

During the fall and spring semesters, CELOP students create the Semester Book. However, the CELOP summer schedule leaves too little time to produce a book, so Doreen had the idea for a CELOP Web Album. Doreen is also working to create a way for students to leave comments and make additional contributions to the CELOP Web Album.


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