A Public Safety Message from Chief Thomas G. Robbins

Dear Members of the Boston University Community: This important safety message is intended to provide you with the most up to date information regarding preparations by Boston University and City of Boston related to The World series clinching games. I want to encourage you to enjoy baseballís premier event and, regardless for whom you are cheering, please remember to celebrate responsibly. The Boston University Police Department is working closely with the City of Boston, the Boston Police Department, as well as surrounding agencies, universities, and colleges to ensure that the Red Sox Ė Cardinals World Series finale is celebrated free of personal injuries and vandalism. These agencies are well prepared to respond quickly to disorderly conduct and, if necessary, will make arrests. In addition to any criminal sanctions, Boston University students who are arrested for illegal conduct may also face administrative and disciplinary sanctions from the University. I also want you to alert you that the area surrounding Kenmore Square will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic during the start of the 6th inning of the game and remain closed for several hours after the game. Please make appropriate transportation arrangements in advance. We strongly recommend you avoid biking, driving, or walking through or around Kenmore Square. If you need to go past Kenmore Square on foot or by bicycle, please use Bay State Road. In addition to road closures and restrictions, the BU shuttle bus will be running only express service to and from the medical campus after 7PM, with the final bus leaving the medical campus at 10PM. For updated information on road closures, restrictions and safety advisories, please visit BU Today. There are several group-viewing locations within on-campus residences and the George Sherman Union for friends to come together and enjoy the game. Should you decide to travel off-campus please be mindful of your surroundings and remain attentive to your personal safety. As always, if you have any concerns regarding your personal safety here at Boston University, please donít hesitate to contact the Police Department. The telephone number for the Boston University Police Department is located on the back of every BU Terrier ID Card, 617-353-2121. In addition you can contact us anonymously via the text a tip line; 847411, keyword BU. Enjoy the game and stay safe! Chief Thomas G. Robbins