Possible Peeping Tom at 273 Babcock St

This is a Boston University Police crime alert about a potential peeping tom to the residents of 273 Babcock St. On January 22 and January 25, the BU Police received two reports from residents of 273 Babcock St. On both reports the victim stated to the police that while in a shower stall they looked down and observed an unknown suspect holding a cell phone up from under the shower stall in their direction in an attempt to record them. The first incident occurred on January 22 at approximately 12:30pm and the victim stated the phone was a Blackberry. The second incident occurred on January 25 at 8am and the victim reported it was an iPhone. The BU Police Detective Division is currently investigating these crimes and there are no identified suspects at this time. In particular residents should be alert for: - anyone who appears out of place based on the circumstances. - anyone who appears to suddenly change their direction of travel or move from a stationary position upon your observation. - anyone who appears uncomfortable when you take notice of them as shown by such behavior as pacing, avoiding eye contact, repeatedly checking the time, moving out of view, and fidgeting. When reporting suspicious people to the police first make a mental note of the following information: specific location and time of observation; direction of travel of suspect; gender, race, approximate age, height, build, facial hair if any, hair color, glasses if any, jewelry if any, tattoos if any, clothing including hats and footwear, comments made if any, and anything being carried such as weapons, cameras, or backpacks. If necessary to retain the information write down your descriptive information when safe to do so. If possible make sure you get to a place of safety immediately if you feel endangered. Residents are reminded to always be aware of your surroundings, and if you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to immediately notify the BU Police at 617-353-2121.