Weekend Safety Message and Celebrating Responsibly message from Boston Police

Memorandum To: Boston Area College and University Students From: Superintendent William B. Evans, Commander Boston Police, Bureau of Field Services Date: Fall, 2011 Re: Weekend Safety Message and Celebrating Responsibly Dear Students, By now most of you are settled in and have adjusted to your academic schedules and being away from your families, in some cases, for the first time. On behalf of the Boston Police Department I want to take this opportunity, as I often do, to give you all a very clear message about what the Boston Police Department’s policy is towards unruly behavior and public and underage drinking and to offer you several safety reminders as residents of Boston. We recognize the excitement that comes from going off to college and living independently. We also want you to recognize that you are living, whether on-campus or off-campus, in a city where many neighborhoods are a mix of residences, businesses and entertainment establishments. It is truly what makes Boston remarkable and unique. To that end it is important that you conduct yourself in a mature and responsible manner and that you adhere to the Code of Conduct of the school for which you attend. We work closely with each institution and pay very close attention to those individuals who are intent on not following the law and who continue to wreak havoc in the neighborhoods of Boston. As a reminder, the Boston Police Department will not tolerate loud and disruptive behavior both on the street and in your residence. We will not tolerate underage and public drinking and intoxication. We will not tolerate loud and unsafe parties. We will, however, hold you accountable if you choose to disobey the law and to disturb our resident’s right to live in peace and safety. Police Officers will be patrolling areas where we have repeated incidents of the behaviors mentioned above. Equally important to us is the potential for victimization and your personal safety as well as the security of your belongings. • Please make sure you secure your on and off campus housing units when you leave and lock the doors at all times. Certain areas of the city experience higher levels of house breaks due to students forgetting to lock doors and windows. • If you have air conditioners make sure they are securely fastened or removed all together. Ask someone knowledgeable if you need assistance. • Please secure your valuable, electronic devices since these are often attractive targets. • If you are walking around Boston anytime, please be aware of your surroundings. • Electronic equipment such as iPods and expensive phones are often the target of young adults who assault students and take these devices. • Try and walk with a companion and in well-lit areas. Your safety, and the safety of the public, is our primary concern. It is our hope that you enjoy your college experience in a safe and responsible manner. Please keep in mind that you all play a role in our effort to ensure that the City of Boston is a shining example of academic excellence and pride. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or at www.BPDnews.com for additional information. Superintendent William Evans