Student Welcome message from the Boston Police

Memorandum To: Boston Area College and University Students, Administrators and Public Safety Personnel From: Superintendent William B. Evans, Commander Bureau of Field Services Date: August, 2011 Re: Welcome and Safety Message from the Boston Police Department Dear Students, I hope you have enjoyed your summer and are eager for the start of a new year of studies and college life. On behalf of the Boston Police Department I want to take this opportunity to welcome you back to school or, for those of you just beginning, welcome to Boston. It has been my custom to send out periodic notifications to you to ensure that your college stay is both rewarding and, most importantly, safe. I also like to remind you of your responsibility as a resident of this city. Smart students make great neighbors! Every August Boston experiences an overwhelming influx of both new and returning students to its colleges and universities. Its impact to the city cannot be underscored. The Boston Police Department works very closely with all of these institutions to ensure that there is a consistent level of communication about issues of crime and safety, the impact to certain neighborhoods and the need to work together to ensure that your wellbeing is a top priority. We want to make you aware that although Boston is a very safe city, it is still an urban area and you can fall victim to a crime if you are not vigilant. There are several things that I want you to be aware of as you move about the city; Be aware of your surroundings and if possible do not walk alone at night. Keep your doors and windows locked especially when you go out. Greet visitors at the door and in person. Keep all electronic devices out of sight. Do not walk/talk/text. Do not consume or purchase alcoholic beverages unless you are of legal age. Keep noise to a minimum including music and large gatherings. Be a respectful neighbor! If you should be victimized report the crime. Call 911 (617-343-4911 from your cell phone) for a crime in progress. This is a very exciting time of your life and we want you to be safe. The purpose of this message is to educate you, to remind you of your responsibility as a resident of the city and to decrease your chances of being a victim of crime. College students comprise a significant percentage of the population in the city of Boston and your safety is our priority. Respectfully, Superintendent William B. Evans