EZ Template Error

We are sorry, an error within the EZ Template class occured.

  • If you are a Boston University PHP developer, please check the error message and inspect your code.
  • Visitors are asked to try to refresh the page.
    If the error reoccurs, please cut and paste the message below and send it to ithelp@bu.edu

Template directory error

/afs/.bu.edu/cwis/web/c/p/cpr/news-cms/templates/ is not a directory. Check the first parameter in your object instantiation:
$template = new NISTemplate(templateDir, PHPDir, templateName);

template file name not set yet
script name /phpbin/news-cms/news/index.php
Server name www.bu.edu
Host name
Time May 31, 2016 20:27:11
Unique ID V04r34DFGmMAAE46Siw
BU login not authenticated
Referer Direct access