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Happy Friday, Everyone!  I hope everyone is surviving this snow and enjoyed our day off this week.  There is a chance for a little more snow this weekend, so don’t take off your snow boots just yet!  It seems we are being treated to a quintessential Boston winter.  Aren’t we lucky?


I have included some updated information about commencement below.  While it seems odd to be discussing commencement so soon, we want to make sure you are all prepared and informed so that you (and your families!) can plan accordingly.


Here are this week’s reminders:


1)      UPCOMING EVENT: Boston Bruins Hockey Tickets for Saturday, February 8th.  For those of you who won the ticket lottery, enjoy tomorrow afternoon’s game!  Go Bs! 


2)      REMINDER: Course Verification Ends Friday, February 14th!  Stop by the OGIP by Friday, February 14th to check your schedule and sign the Course Verification Form.  Remember to check your courses carefully, as any mistakes on your schedule after February 14th will remain there for the rest of the semester and you will be responsible for those incorrect classes.  Stop by the OGIP anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, to complete this.  Please note:  This is MANDATORY. 


3)      REMINDER: Graduation Application.  Upon graduation you will receive a diploma, which is a written certification of your degree with your name on it.  To ensure that your name is listed correctly on your diploma, please read the attached “Graduation Application Instructions.”  Then, complete and return the attached application to OGIP by February 24th. (January 2015 graduates do not need to complete the application yet.)


4)      REMINDER: Concentration Declaration.  For those of you who are pursuing a concentration in International Business Practice, Intellectual Property, or Taxation you need to complete a Concentration Declaration Form (attached) and submit it to the OGIP by February 24th  (same deadline as graduation applications) To complete the form you simply indicate whether or not you want the concentration to appear on your transcript, and circle the courses you have taken or are currently taking to fulfill the concentration.  (Again, not for January 2015 graduates). If you have any questions about qualifying classes, please let me know.  Please also note that audited courses do not count toward concentrations.


5)      REMINDER: Local Addresses.  Please take a moment to go to the Student Link and record an updated, current, local address.  We will need this information for administrative purposes.  Please take care of this as soon as possible.  Go to > purple ‘Personal Tab’>Address and Phone>Local.   


6)      UPCOMING EVENTS: BU Law Commencement Information is Now Online – Order your Cap and Gown by March 19th I cannot believe it is already time to start planning for commencement but, alas, it is!  can access Commencement details and information about ordering your cap and gown (called regalia) at

a.      As we mentioned at orientation, if you plan to participate in the Commencement Ceremony (and I hope you will!), you must purchase and wear BU Law’s regalia.  Order your regalia online through Barnes & Noble @ BU’s vendor, Herff Jones.  You can place your order, and order personalized commencement announcements, at

To access the ordering options, click on the link above and follow the steps outlined below:

1.      Search for and select “Boston University”

2.      Choose “On-Campus Doctoral Students” from the drop-down menu

3.      Choose “Dental, Law, and Medical Students” from the second drop-down menu

4.      Click the “Continue” button to access the ordering options


After submitting your order, you may pick up your cap & gown at Barnes & Noble @ BU from Monday, April 28nd  Friday, May 9thBe sure you have the right cap and gown for your degree when you pick them up at Barnes & Noble.  LL.M. students wear black robes; the JDs wear red.


7)      REMINDER: Hotel Reservations for Graduation (Yes – already!) It’s not too early to book hotel reservations for your family and friends who will be attending your graduation in May.  As you know, there are many colleges and universities in the Boston area and graduation ceremonies tend to take place on the same weekend in May.  This means that hotels get booked very early and very quickly.  Even though it seems very far away, it’s a good idea to start booking hotel rooms for Graduation weekend– May 16-18.  Please also keep in mind our end-of-the-year celebrations scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th (all-LL.M. graduation reception) and Friday, May 16th (ALP/IP/XRG end of semester bash).



8)      REMINDER: Writing Assistance is available! We have again made arrangements for one of the LL.M. writing instructors – Christine Durkin -- to be available to offer guidance and support on your papers, as needed. Christine has been an LLM writing instructor for nearly ten years and has also participated in the Summer Legal English Program at CELOP. She will be available to help you structure and organize your papers and also review them for grammar and word-choice issues. She won’t offer substantive comments on the legal aspects of your papers – nor will she help you conduct any research -- but will instead help you express yourselves clearly and succinctly. If you would like to avail yourself of Christine’s assistance, you should email her at to make appropriate arrangements.  


a.      ERC: Please also keep in mind that you can always contact the Educational Research Center (ERC) to schedule an appointment with a Writing Fellow if you would additional assistance.  Here is a link to their website:


9)      UPCOMING EVENTS: Library Research Courses:   As I noted in my email to your earlier this week, the Library has been approved to offer a formal certificate in Legal Research Skills!  The Legal Research Skills for Practice program is designed to teach advanced research skills where if you complete six classes you will earn the certificate.  Here are the classes for next week (there are a lot!):

a.      Foreign Legal Research
Instructor: Steven Ellis •
Feb 6 & 7 at 1PM


Researching the law of another legal jurisdiction can be frustrating. The goal of this class is to minimize your frustration. You will learn the best strategies, resources and tools for researching foreign laws as you tackle foreign research scenarios in class.


b.      Massachusetts Legislative History
Special Guest Lecturer Bette Siegel, Documents Librarian, Massachusetts State Library 
Feb. 10 at 1PM


Most lawyers must do legislative history research at some point in their career.  This research intensive task is a favorite assignment for young attorneys.  Learn about the documents you need to complete a legislative history of a Massachusetts law and where you can find them.


c.       Federal Legislative Process and Congressional Documents 
Instructor: Ellen Richardson • 
Feb. 11 at 1PM


Most lawyers must do legislative history research at some point in their career.  This research intensive task is a favorite assignment for young attorneys.  Learn about the documents you need to complete a legislative history of a federal law and where you can find them.


d.      Power Searching
Instructor: Stefanie Weigmann •
Feb 12 & 13 at 1PM


Want to learn some great Google hacks?  Do you know what field searching is?  Almost any platform can be power searched.  This class will talk about how you can figure out how to search everything more effectively.


10)  UPCOMING EVENT: Student Appreciation Day! Tuesday, February 18thFree coffee and snacks will be available in the lobby of the law tower as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for being great students! Various offices throughout the building will be holding free raffles (a raffle is a type of lottery in which you receive a ticket to win a prize), including the OGIP!


11)  UPCOMING EVENTS: LL.M. Colloquium: Professor Dennis Campbell, the Executive Director of the Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg, Austria, will give a presentation on “Defining the Scope of the Alien Tort Claims Act.”  Please note:  You do not need to RSVP to this event, but ALP & IP students are required to attend at least 2 of the 3 presentations throughout the semester.   


DATE: Thursday, February 13, 2014

TIME: 1:00 – 2:00 pm  (lunch at 12:30 pm)

PLACE: Room 1270


The next colloquium will take place on March 6th and will be a presentation by Professor Robert Volk.


12)  UPCOMING EVENT: THE PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (PPACA)—Examining the impact on American families, industry, and the nation, Thursday, February 13, 2014 4:30-6:00pm, BU School of Management, 595 Commonwealth Avenue.  Join us for a panel discussion on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), often referred to as Obamacare, featuring five noted SMG alumni and industry leaders currently implementing America's century-long effort at national healthcare reform.

The panel will explore how the Affordable Care Act has impacted innovation, affordability, and access to healthcare in America, the business opportunities and challenges that have emerged, if provisions have been left out of the law, and more.  Reception immediately to follow. 


13)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We have a few birthdays this week.  A very happy birthday to all of you!

·         TODAY, 2/7: Vanessa Senn

·         Monday, 2/10: Lucia Garralda  

·         Wednesday, 2/12: Jieqiong Zhu

14)  Fun Tip of the Week: Art and Cocktails!  Do you like art and cocktails?  Who doesn’t?!   Then check out artist Adrienne Schlow’s FREE exhibit tonight, February 7, 2014 from 6-8pm.  Adrienne is a mixed-media artist who used to be a restaurant owner before she was a full-time artist working in Boston. 

For more information, please follow this link:   

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Enjoy the snow!


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