Spaces Available in Human Rights Lawyering!


There are still spots available in the following seminar taught by Professor Susan Akram. This seminar will be particularly relevant to students who are interested in developing practical skills in human rights lawyering. Students can register on the Student Link or stop by the Registrar's Office.

JD875 Human Rights Lawyering (S)

 JD 875 ( A1)        R 2:10 PM-4:10 PM          3 cr., Spring

This seminar is designed to introduce students to the range of human rights advocacy, grounded in the history of human rights movements, the development of international human rights norms, and contemporary case studies. The seminar will also look at the role critical theory has played and continues to play in shaping the development of human rights. In addition to examining the law and theory that underlies human rights movements, students will engage in human rights research and simulations. The course work and final paper/project will require students to conduct research, develop strategic advocacy plans, and draft documents aimed at advancing particular human rights issues. There are no prerequisites, though an introductory course in international law would be beneficial. Class participation is mandatory. In lieu of mid-term or final examination, students will complete a final project / paper of their selection. An introductory class in International Human Rights is highly recommended, though not required.

LIMITED WRITING REQUIREMENT OPTION: A limited number of students may be permitted to satisfy the upper-class writing requirement. GRADING NOTICE: This course does not offer the CR/NC/H option.