Earn $250/semester as a BU Law student blogger


The Communications Office is looking for J.D. students with strong writing skills to blog about their experiences for In their own words: BU Law Student Blogs. These online journals give prospective students a better idea of day-to-day life at the School. Your posts may also be read by prospective employers, alumni, faculty, the media, and anyone who visits the site, so this is an opportunity to showcase your writing as well as your approach to law school and the legal profession in general.

Bloggers are required to submit two, 3-5 paragraph posts monthly, and some posts would preferably include your photos. Your posts may cover a wide range of topics—classes, the community, professors, events you’ve attended, your student organization or journal, clinics, externships/internships, friendships, travels, studying, law-related books you’ve read/recommend, Boston—topics that help define your life as a law student.

Please e-mail lawweb@bu.edu with a resume (including your involvement and activities at BU Law) and two writing samples (non-legal writing; and please include one sample post) by Monday, October 7 if you’re interested or for more information.
**Please note, our paying you is not meant as a way to maintain control of your content. We value your time as law students, and we feel you should be fairly compensated for adding blogging to your weekly workload.