Space Available in Spring 2014 Classes!


Looking for an open class in the spring semester? You are in luck! The following courses have space available. Register online through the student link or at the Registrar’s Office once the semester begins.

JD 945 ( A1)  Advanced Trial Advocacy with Judge Whitehead meets W 4:30 PM-7:20 PM


JD 730 ( A1)  Challenging Gov’t Misconduct with Badger meets W 4:20 PM-6:20 PM


JD 737 ( A1)/JD 738 ( A1)  Community Courts (C) with Judge Blitzman. The seminar
component meets W 5:30 PM-7:30 PM

Note: This is a clinical course with a seminar component which must be taken together. For
more information, contact the Clinical Programs Office.


JD 922 ( A1)  Constitutional Theory (S) with Fleming meets R 2:10 PM-4:10 PM



JD 832 ( A1)  Energy Law (S) with Reich meets R 4:20 PM-6:20 PM


JD 875 ( A1)  Human Rights Lawyering (S) with Akram meets R 2:10 PM-4:10 PM


JD 929 ( A1)  Law, Language & Literature (S) with Gordon/Ricks meets W 10:40 AM-12:40 PM