Space Available in Fall 2013 Classes!


Looking for an open class in the fall semester? You are in luck! The following courses have space available. Register online through the student link or at the Registrar’s Office once the semester begins.

JD 795 ( A1)  E-Discovery with Barry meets TR 6:30 PM-8:00 PM


JD779 (A1)    Topics in Environmental Law (S) with Reich meets W 4:20 PM-6:20 PM
Additional information on the seminar from Mr. Reich:
“The truth about environmental law is    stranger than fiction.  Learn about this exciting, cross-disciplinary field by studying actual hot-button cases and applying your legal knowledge to solving real problems on behalf of your hypothetical clients.   Improve your research, writing and oral presentation skills.  There are no prerequisites other than a willingness to participate in a professionally rewarding experience.  Note this is a 3 credit course.  Seminar enrollment is limited to insure maximum opportunity for discussion and interaction.  Enroll now!”


JD 942 ( A1)  English Legal History with Seipp meets TR 11:00 AM-12:25 PM


JD 796 ( A1)  Global Climate Change (S) with Partan meets W 10:40 AM-12:40 PM


JD 961 ( A1)  Housing Law (S) with Winik meets T 4:20 PM-6:20 PM


JD 844 ( A1) Non-Profit Organizations (S) with Feld meets T 2:10 PM-4:10 PM

Note: Corporations, previously a prerequisite for Non-Profit
 Organizations, is now a corequisite.


JD 734 ( A1)  Securities Law Research with Donweber/Ellis meets W 10:40 AM-1:00 PM

                Note: This one credit class meets from 10/30 to 12/4.


JD 706 ( A1)  Writing Supplement to Trusts, Wills and Estates meets T 6:30 PM-7:30 PM