Friday Reminder: November 16, 2012



 Happy Friday!  This is the last Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday, so hopefully you are all looking forward to the short week next week.  Due to the holiday, there are some schedule changes here at the Law School, most importantly, please note that next Wednesday, November 21st will follow a Friday schedule of classes.  Also, the OGIP will be closed on Thursday and Friday of next week, so please plan accordingly. 
As I am sure you are aware, today is the day of the Intro to American Law Final Exam.  I have listed important information about this below, so please read this message carefully.
Here are this week’s reminders:
1)     TODAY: Intro to American Law Final Exam – November 16, 2012. 
a.     Time: The exam will take place from 2:00pm-5:00pm.  If you are using ExamSoft to complete the exam, you must report to your assigned room no later than 1:30pm.  If you are hand writing the exam, please report no later than 1:45pm.
b.    Room Assignments: You have been assigned a room alphabetically by your last name and according to test type.  Please see the breakdown below:
·   Last name begins with letters A-K (ExamSoft): Room 520
·   Last name begins with letters L-Z (ExamSoft): Room 570
·   All Handwriters: Room 620
c.     Exam Numbers:  Exam numbers are now available!  All examinations at the Law School, including take-home examinations are given on an anonymous basis. The Registrar's Office will assign all LL.M. students a 4-digit exam number each semester. Exam numbers will be released through the Student Link. Students may locate their exam (or "blue book") number by clicking the Academics Tab and choosing the grades option. Select the grade report for the semester and be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page. (Exam numbers appear to the left of where the grade will appear.) Please note that the Final Exam option on the Student Link does not apply to law students. You are to bring your BU ID and your exam number with you to all exams. You will record your exam number on the printed exam questions, the 3x5 examination card, and on any scantron sheets and blue books that you use. You will be asked to complete the 3x5 card and return it to the proctor before the start of every in-class examination.
2)     TODAY: Entertainment Law Symposium at Harvard Law School.  Professor Neef will be moderating the New Media section of this year’s Entertainment Law Symposium.  This section will run from 3:45 to 4:45pm, with the General Counsel of Lionsgate, Wayne Levin, to give the keynote address at 5pm on current film distribution issues in emerging markets including China and Russia- a very hot issue right now!  There will also be a reception to follow at 6:00pm.  Here is a link to the program:   
3)     NEXT WEEK:Class Schedule Next Week – It’s Thanksgiving! Since next Thursday (November 22nd) is Thanksgiving Day, next week will be a very short week of classes. Please note, Wednesday, November 21st  will follow a FRIDAY class schedule.  Classes will not be held and the office will be closed on Thursday and Friday next week in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
4)     REMINDER: Course Verification.  Back in September we asked you to verify the courses you were taking.  Now that course verification is over and we are beginning to plan for finals, I want to make sure everyone is aware that, at this point, any mistakes on your schedule will remain there for the rest of the semester.  You will be responsible for those incorrect classes.  To ensure that your registration is up to date, please check your classes via the Student Link (Academics  > Current Schedule).  Please note: having access to a class’ Blackboard page does not automatically mean you are registered for that class
5)     REMINDER:  Sign up for a mid-semester meeting with Assistant Dean Riccardi.  Please remember to email me to schedule a time to meet with John to discuss how your semester is going.  Even if everything is going smoothly and you are having no problems at all, John wants to hear about it!    It is very important that we get a chance to check-in before the end of the semester, so please make sure you get back to me as soon as possible.  We are extending the dates for these meetings to accommodate as many people as possible, so if you still have not met with John, please contact me.   
6)     ONGOING: Tentative Exam Schedules are now posted.  Please note that both the first year and upper class exam schedules are tentative and subject to change.  Note that there is a schedule conflict: the exams for both Contracts and Corporations with Professor Tung (sections T1 and T2) are scheduled for the same day: Monday, December 17th.  Since this conflict affects so many LL.M. students, we have arranged for students enrolled in both classes to take the Contracts exam on Tuesday, December 18th.  These students will take the regularly scheduled Corporations exam on Monday, December 17th.  Affected students must not discuss the Contracts exam with any J.D. colleagues who will take the exam on the normally scheduled date and will be required to sign a pledge certifying they have not discussed the exam with others. To be clear: The only students affected by this conflict are those taking Corporations with Professor Tung and Contracts.
7)     ONGOING: Writing assistance is available for your seminar research papers!  Many of you are taking seminars this semester and are writing research papers of some length.  We are aware that writing an “academic” paper at a United States law school is new for you – and that several of you have asked for additional support.  Therefore, we have made arrangements for one of the LL.M. writing instructors – Christine Durkin -- to be available to offer guidance and support on your seminar papers, as needed.  Christine has been an LL.M. writing instructor for nearly ten years and has also participated in the Summer Legal English Program at CELOP. She will be available to help you structure and organize your papers and also review them for grammar and word-choice issues.   She won’t offer substantive comments on the legal aspects of your papers -- nor will she help you conduct any research -- but will instead help you express yourselves clearly and succinctly.  If you would like to avail yourself of Christine’s assistance, you should email your paper to her at to make appropriate arrangements.  Be sure to include your deadline when emailing the paper to Christine.
8)     ACADEMIC RESOURCES:  Check out the useful links on the Pappas Law Library Web site about study skills, time management, and exam preparation:
9)     ACADEMIC RESOURCES: Plagiarism Slides: Many students who attended the plagiarism presentation expressed an interest in accessing the slides that were shown.  The Pappas Law Library has very graciously posted them on their website (you will need to log in with your BU username and Kerberos password to access the document) keep in mind that these standards also apply to open book exams. 
10)  SPRING 2013 CLASS CHANGE: Int’l Development & Project Finance (JD936) has been moved from the 2:10pm time block to the 4:20pm time block.  This means the class will now run from 4:20-6:20pm on Mondays.  Please take this change into account as you review your spring plans but please note that I will not make changes to your registration until the Spring drop/add period. 
11) UPCOMING EVENT: Annual LL.M. Ski Trip – Saturday, February 2, 2013 at Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire. This is open to all LLM students (American Law, Banking and Financial Law, and Tax), exchange students, and guests. The LLM Ski Trip is a one-day trip. We will leave BU early in the morning and return later that same day.  A bus has been chartered to take us to and from the mountain. The LLM Programs will partially subsidize the cost of the trip for LLM students (non-LLM students such as family and guests will have to pay full price).
Here are the different packages:
1. Bus and lift ticket only - $59 (Guests - $79);
2. Bus, lift ticket, and equipment rentals (includes skis/board, boots and poles, if applicable) - $94 (Guests - $114);
3. Bus, lift ticket, and ‘Learn To Ski’ package (includes equipment rentals and 2 hour lesson) - $97 (Guests - $ 117).
Persons who have never ever skied or who have not skied in three or more years are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Learn To Ski package. Persons who are renting equipment or who are taking the Learn To Ski package must furnish us the following information:
- Gender
- Age
- Equipment preferred (ski or snowboard)
- Height
- Weight
- Shoe size
- Skill level (I - beginner; II - Intermediate; III - Advanced and Expert)
Sign-ups will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a seat, complete the sign-up form (available at the Banking Program Office in room 1524) and make a complete payment by check payable to Boston University. We will not accept cash payments.
All sign-ups and inquiries about the trip will be handled by the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law office (Room 1524). The deadline for sign-ups is December 21, 2012 or until the bus fills up (whichever is earlier).
12) IMPORTANT: ISSO Travel Signatures.  If you plan to travel outside of the U.S. during the holidays, you need to check with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) to see if you need a travel signature on your immigration document so that you will be able to re-enter the U.S.  To request a travel authorization signature on your Form I-20, please visit the ISSO with your passport containing the visa stamp and Departure Record (I-94 card).  You may start visiting the ISSO now to request travel signatures before you become busy with exams.  The ISSO recommends that you request your travel signature at least one week in advance of the day you plan to travel.  For more information, please visit ISSO’s web page on the topic at
13) Happy Birthday to Masanobu Hara and Andrea Calderon!  Masanobu celebrates his birthday tomorrow, Saturday, November 17th, and Andrea celebrates her birthday next Saturday, November 24th.  Please wish them both a happy birthday!   
14) Fun Tip of the Week: The “official” tree lighting ceremony for the City of Boston will be held on Thursday, November 29th at 6:00 pm in the Boston Common (right by the Visitor’s Center on Tremont Street).  Mayor Menino hosts this exciting event starring the special tree sent as a gift from Nova Scotia and 80+ other lighted trees throughout the Common and Boston Garden - catch an ice skating show at Frog Pond on your way.  For more information, please go here:
Have a wonderful week!  Please take some time to relax, enjoy a few days off, and, as always, be safe. 
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