Ludger Schult (LL.M. '00) opens law firm, Gubitz Lindner Nikoleyczik Schult (GLNS), in Munich


Ludger Schult (LL.M. '00)
Ludger Schult (LL.M. '00)

Ludger Schult, a 2000 graduate of the American Law LL.M. Program, has co-founded Gubitz Lindner Nikoleyczik Schult (GLNS), a business and tax law firm headquartered in Munich, Germany. 

GLNS will focus specifically on mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, capital markets law, corporate management consulting, tax law, and succession law. 

Schult is bar-certified in the state of New York, and was previously an attorney at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCoy

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