Using ExpressO and Scholastica to submit law review articles


ExpressO and Scholastica are great tools for students seeking law journals to publish their articles. They allow students to submit articles to numerous journals simultaneously—and at no cost through the law school’s subscriptions to both services.
You can take advantage of the law school’s subscriptions by sending a request to Jenna Fegreus, legal information and student services librarian ( Jenna will add you as an authorized user for both ExpressO and Scholastica.  

Please note: Although it is possible to sign up for an ExpressO account on your own at either the ExpressO or Scholastica Web site, you must sign up through the library to submit your articles for free.  

Although ExpressO and Scholastica are useful tools, please be advised that not all journals accept submissions through them. Consequently, ExpressO’s ranking system and subject specialty groupings include only those journals that use ExpressO. For a more complete listing of journals, see Washington & Lee’s site on law journal submissions and rankings.

You may also be interested in Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals, which includes a table with submission information for U.S. flagship law reviews. This table designates which law reviews accept ExpressO submissions, which require submission through Scholastica, and those that accept submissions via e-mail, fax or U.S. Mail.

If you would like more information or training for ExpressO or Scholastica, please contact Jenna.