A.J. Cushner ('65) publishes new novel, Obey or Die: Josh Parker and The Facets Project


A.J. Cushner ('65) publishes new novel, Obey or Die: Josh Parker and The Facets Project

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Book Description

Boston University's beloved poetry professor Josh Parker stumbles upon a double murder at MIT's secret Facets Project facility after a string of bizarre burglaries and deaths in university artificial intelligence laboratories around the world. A cryptic message, written in blood, and a single shoeprint launch the retired CIA analyst, Josh Parker on his way to Bariloche, Argentina in search of the killers. At the same time, a European cable car falls and sends seven passengers to their deaths in a failed Facets Project experiment. Rogue German State Police and CIA abduct and try to kill NATO rescuer, Sergeant Matt Walker after he learns it was the Facet's lethal weapon that brought down the cable car. Walker escapes and follows his kidnappers to Argentina, where he joins Josh Parker to face off against Facets leader, Herr Doctor Heinz Wilhelm von Streck and his horde of neo-Nazis, only to discover millions the lethal Facets weapons are headed for Washington DC. With time running out, Josh Parker finally discovers the secrets of the Facets Project and the identity of the killers. Obey or Die offers a frightening glimpse of terrorism where technology promises to replace bombs and bullets.

About the Author

A.J. Cushner is a champion story-teller and a master of suspense. The retired civil rights attorney, newspaper and magazine columnist is a graduate of Bowdoin College and Boston University Law School. He speaks a number of languages and has traveled extensively in Europe, Central and South America. He is a deep-water sailor, aviator, alpine climber, trap and pistol shooter, big game fisherman and skier. He currently lives in Florida.