Ruha Devanesan ('09) introduces "PeaceTones: Haiti Sings 2010" Contest


 Source: Ruha Devanesan, Internet Bar Organization

Ruha Devanesan ('09) introduces "PeaceTones: Haiti Sings 2010" Contest

This summer, IBO's PeaceTones Initiative will be sending a team to Haiti to help jumpstart the musical careers of local artists and to record their performances for an online voting contest.  Through sharing their music and stories online, the musicians have the opportunity to share their talent and culture with the world.

For the Haiti Sings contest, PeaceTones will select 15-20 participants from the auditions held in Port au Prince. These musicians will have the opportunity to learn about their rights as artists in the global marketplace and how to access free online resources for their music. Video, audio, and photos of their stories and performances will be uploaded online so viewers get to know the participants and their work. International viewers will be able to cast their vote online for their favorite performances and artists.  The musician with the most votes wins a studio recording  and the opportunity to open for the famous Haitian group, Tabou Combo!

You can contribute to the contest's success with a simple donation. Through our partnership with Microfundo, an organization that adapted the microfinance model for music, anyone who wants to contribute to the cause receives music from Peacetones artists as well as access to Microfundo's other artists. To learn more about how you can microfund the Haiti Sings contest, please visit

About PeaceTones

The PeaceTones initiative of the non-profit Internet Bar Organization assists artists in developing countries further their communal initiatives.  PeaceTones operates in nearly a dozen countries, with two albums available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes, among other online market places. We start local artists in setting up online businesses, then publish and disseminate their work globally.  Ninety percent of album sale revenues returns to the musicians and their community’s development goal.

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