FCC to Accept Law Student Applications for the 2008 Attorney Honors Program


The Federal Communications Commission is pleased to announce several openings in the Fall 2008 Attorney Honors Program. We are seeking applications from graduating law students with superior academic credentials and an interest in communications law. The application deadline for the 2008 class is March 14, 2008.

The FCC Attorney Honors Program will introduce law school graduates to the field of communications and the work of the FCC.  Honors Program attorneys will participate in federal administrative practice as it relates to the FCC’s oversight of television, radio, cable, wireless, wireline, satellite, and other communications services and facilities, and will benefit from special training and career-development opportunities.

Please feel free to contact Diane Griffin Holland, Assistant General Counsel or Karen Edwards Onyeije, Assistant General Counsel, Office of General Counsel with any questions regarding the work of attorneys at the FCC at (202) 418-1700. For information about other employment opportunities at the FCC, please visit the FCC’s web site at www.fcc.gov/jobs.