LatCrit Student Scholar Program


December 4, 2007

Dear Students,

Are you writing, or have you written, a paper relating to race, ethnicity, and the law this semester? You are eligible to become a LatCrit Student Scholar!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2008 Annual LatCrit Student Scholar Program. Each year LatCrit, Inc., in partnership with the University of California – Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), sponsors this academic writing competition, designed to foster the intellectual and professional development of students in law and other academic programs who are interested in entering teaching, whether in law or other disciplines, and who are pursuing intellectual agendas in race, ethnicity, and the law.

As you may know, Latino/a Critical Theory (LatCrit) is a scholarly movement designed to respond to the long historical presence and general sociolegal invisibility of Latinas/os in the lands now known as the United States. While originating in the legal academy of the United States, this movement increasingly has striven to integrate inter-disciplinary studies and comparative analyses in the formulation of LatCrit theory and praxis. This year, the SSP will bring the Student Scholars into the LatCrit intellectual and social community in four mutually reinforcing ways:

1. Each Student Scholar will receive a scholarship covering registration, up to three nights of lodging, and group meals, to attend the Thirteenth Annual LatCrit conference, to be held October 2-4, 2008, in Seattle, Washington at the University of Seattle School of Law.

LatCrit conferences are open, mid-sized gatherings of about 75-135 attendees, and provide students with a rare opportunity to inspire and be inspired by faculty in law and other fields from all over the world who are doing cutting-edge work in race and ethnicity.

2. Each Student Scholar’s paper will be eligible for publication in a symposium issue devoted to the Thirteenth Annual LatCrit conference.

3. Each Student Scholar will be matched with one or more academic

mentor(s) whose work lies in an area of the Scholar’s interest, and who will work with the Scholar directly over the course of the spring and summer preceding the conference to prepare for the conference and help the Scholar advance his/her scholarly and activist agenda.

4. Each Student Scholar will receive a travel stipend of up to $750 USD to help subsidize travel expenses to and from the Thirteenth Annual LatCrit Conference. Any additional expenses remain the responsibility of each Student Scholar.

This year, up to four students will be selected to be LatCrit Student Scholars. The Awards Committee, comprised of LatCrit scholars, will make the selections based on application materials submitted in a timely manner. Successful applicants must submit: (1) a fully-completed application form; (2) a current resume; (3) a personal statement (no longer than one single-spaced page) explaining how the Student Scholar Program will further the student’s intellectual and professional agenda; and (4) a previously unpublished paper authored by the applicant, no more than 10,000 words long, on any topic related to race, ethnicity, and the law. The paper must have been written while the student was in good standing in an accredited degree program, either in the United States or elsewhere. All application materials, including the paper, must be typed and must be submitted in English. For copies of the official Call for Papers and related application materials, please visit the LatCrit, Inc. website at

The deadline for applications is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2008. Inquiries should be directed to:

LatCrit Student Scholar Program

Professor Angela Harris

University of California - Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) Room 418 Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 643-6354 (voice)

(510) 642-3856 (fax)

We write to your organization to ask that you alert other students who may be interested in this opportunity in any way you deem best, including forwarding this letter widely; printing out and posting the materials you will find at the web link above; circulating copies to your members and to faculty who may teach interested students; and circulating them to other students directly.

Thanks for your attention and support!


Angela P. Harris