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27 February 2010

TechWeb to Launch Thursday, 3/4; WebCentral Site to be Retired


On Thursday, March 4, this site, WebCentral, will be retired and replaced with the new, single, integrated website for all of Information Services & Technology.  The new site is called TechWeb. 

Most of the information currently in WebCentral will be under the Websites category of TechWeb.   Some will be under Instructional Support or Communications & Collaboration.  This content should be easy to find, and there is a powerful and prominent search tool for TechWeb.  Some of the content in WebCentral was obsolete, out of date, and been discarded.  You will not find it in TechWeb.

TechWeb is organized for you, by service, not by department.  This 1,700-page site replaces the 23 fragmented, disconnected sites with 23 fragmented, disconnected search collections that IS&T currently runs. In the focus groups we conducted with over 200 students, faculty, and staff on both campuses, the new TechWeb site was consistently rated as easier to use than the old sites.

I invite you to take an early preview of TechWeb.  It's at:

 I look forward to seeing you in the new site.

- Richard


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