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18 June 2008

BU Maps Now Includes Street View


Street View has been a part of Google Maps for several months.  Yesterday, it became part of BU Maps.

Street View provides interactive, moving, zoomable, street-level views of both campuses and the surrounding area.  When you start up the BU Maps, click on the new Street View button (upper right portion of map).  If you don't see the Street View button, just reload the page.

An icon (of a person) appears in the middle of the map.  Street views that have been mapped by Google are indicated by blue lines.  To see a street view, just drag the icon anyway on the map on a blue line.  In the street view image that appears, you can:

  - Drive down the street, (click the arrows or the street name).
  - Rotate the view (click the rotate arrows or just drag the image)
  - Zoom the view (click the controls that appear over the image)

There are some gaps in Google's Street View coverage, but we expect Google to continue to improve this service.

Webmasters can embed a fully functioning street view snapshot in their website.  To see an example, go to an IT test page.

We will continue to make improvements to the BU Maps.


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