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11 June 2008

BU Maps Now Includes My Maps and More


Yesterday, we launched a major update to BU Maps.  New features include:

- MyMaps
Students, faculty, and staff can now create their own personal version of the BU Map, adding any of the 2,000 BU or Boston items on the BU Map to their own customized map. Just log into BU Maps (use the new Login button) on the Maps homepage, then search or browse as usual.  In the details pop up for an item, click on Save to MyMaps.  To view your personalized map, click on the MyMaps tab.  You can even share your personal map with family and friends.

- Top Searches
The most popular searches conducted by visitors are now listed by default on the BU Maps homepage.  Just click on one of the items to view the results of these top searches.

- Number of Results Configurable
You can now specify the number of results displayed.  Ten is the default, which you can change to 15 or 20.  With this new feature, you can view all BU schools and colleges on a single page of results.

- PDF Maps
There is now a link to PDF versions of the various paper maps published by Marketing and Communications.

I hope you find these improvements useful.  More are already underway.

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