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28 April 2008

Map of Commencement Locations


For the first time ever, the locations of Commencement events are indicated on the BU Maps (online).  The maps contain a new section of Commencement-related locations, including special Shuttle Bus stops.  To see this new section, just:

  1. Go to the BU Maps homepage.
  2. Under the All menu item (upper left), select Commencement.  Note:  This is only available during Commencement season.

You will then see the listings, 10 items per page.  Click Next to go to the next page of results.

Visitors can also get to the map from the Commencement site itself.  Both the Commencement homepage and the School and College Ceremonies pages contain links into the maps.

With these new improvement, visitors will surely find their way more easily.


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