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02 April 2008

Blogging at BU - In Development


Some of you might be interested in adding a blogging package to the list of tools you use to communicate with your constituencies.  Users
could subscribe to your feeds and add them to their MyBU or other custom site.

We have recently installed (in development) WordPress, the blogging application used to host, the blogs, and many other blogging sites. We have integrated WordPress with WebLogin, so you can try it out now, if you like.

We intend to offer WPMU as an alternative to, i.e., a place when students, student organizations, faculty, and staff can create and publish personal pages
and blogs.

Blogging is supposed to be pretty easy, and it is compared to the old
ways of creating personal sites. But spend even just a few minutes with WordPress and you'll see there are a lot of features and functions to learn. We intended to develop and teach tutorials on WordPress after we launch it. 

We invite you to try a test version of WordPress at BU.

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