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Prof. Virginia Sapiro, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Boston University, and Prof. Yoshiaki Kawamoto 川本芳昭, Chair of the Historical Studies Course of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies of Kyushu University 九州大学人文科学研究院・比較社会文化研究院歴史学拠点コース (Fukuoka, Japan) signed an "Agreement of Consortium Partnership" in April formally building a bridge between BU's Department of Archaeology and the Archaeology Department at Kyushu University. The purpose of the consortium is to develop academic and educational cooperation and to promote relations and mutual understanding between our two institutions. The consortium partnership paves the way for future exchanges of faculty and students, collaborative research in archaeology and cultural heritage management, and joint lectures, seminars, and workshops involving our two institutions, as well as the exchange of academic materials and publications.

The agreement is the outcome of discussions over the previous eight months in Japan and Boston. The idea of establishing the consortium arose in Japan in August 2008, when Prof. David Cohen (ICEAACH) was invited to lecture at Kyushu University. While there, Prof. Cohen and Prof. Kazuo Miyamoto 宮本一夫, Chair of the Archaeology Department, had a number of conversations about the research and teaching orientations of our departments and realized that much could be mutually gained by establishing exchanges and collaborations between our departments. After presenting these ideas to the faculty back in Boston, the Department of Archaeology agreed that a formal collaboration would offer great potential to our faculty and students and be a boon to our rapidly developing East Asian archaeology program. The Department invited Prof. Miyamoto to visit BU to discuss the partnership and to lecture in the East Asian Archaeology Forum. During Prof. Miyamoto's visit February 9 - 14, 2009, he met together with Profs. Ricardo Elia (Chair), Rafique Mughal, Robert Murowchick, and David Cohen to finalize terms of the partnership. These terms were approved by the administrations of both universities and signed into effect this week.

We look forward to many fruitful exchanges with our colleagues in Kyushu and to exciting research and teaching opportunities.