Eva Fast Receives Austrian Ascina Award


On December 17th 2012 Eva Fast (PhD candidate, Frydman lab) received the ASciNA (Austrian scientists and scholars in Northern America) Award by the Austrian Minister for Science and Research Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle. The award ceremony took place during in the 10 year anniversary celebration of the association ASciNA, which supports and promotes Austrian scientists in North America. The price is endowed with 20 000 Euro (26 500$) and is being awarded for outstanding publications of the last 12 months. The award is split evenly between two Austrian scientists working in the US (junior and senior category). Eva Fast, winner of the junior category, won with her publication "Wolbachia Enhance Drosophila Stem Cell Proliferation and Target the Germline Stem Cell Niche" in Science 334, 990 (2011). For more information, you can read the press release (in German).