CAS Student Researchers, Advisors Win Top Prizes at UROP Symposium

October 22, 2011

CAS student researchers and their faculty advisors won three out of a total of four poster prizes in a field of about 170 contestants at this year’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Symposium. The symposium took place October 21 at the GSU.


Thien Tai T. Nguyen, a mathematics and statistics major, and advisor UriEden, assistant professor of mathematics and statistics, received the second place award for their poster, “Modeling Neural Spiking Activity in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease during Movement and at Rest.” 


Jane Fomina, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, and advisor Sean Elliott, associate professor of chemistry, received the third place award for the poster, “Characterizing the Electron Transfer Pathway of the Triheme Cytochrome c Peroxidase from E. coli.”


Amanda Hunt, a biology major, and advisor Tom Kunz, Warren Distinguished Professor, received the Audience-voted prize for their poster, “Do Maternity Roost Characteristics of Bat Species Influence the Likelihood of White-nose Syndrome Exposure and Transmission?”


The first place prize went to SPH student Evelyn Liberman and advisor Michael Grodin for their poster, “Ethical Dilemmas of Jewish Physicians and Allied Health Professionals in the Ghettos and Camps during the Holocaust.”


All three CAS prizewinners worked on their poster projects this past summer as CAS Summer Research Scholars with support provided by CAS through the UROP program.


UROP provides financial support for student research stipends, supplies, and travel. Over the years, UROP has funded a broad range of research projects in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, education, and the arts. Research through UROP must take place under the guidance of a BU faculty mentor, and is defined as any scientific or scholarly activity that contributes to the production of new knowledge. For more information about the program, visit



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