Name Change: BU Humanities Foundation now Boston University Center for the Humanities (BUCH)

August 31, 2011


Since 1981, the Boston University Humanities Foundation has provided support and encouragement for research and discussion in the humanities. Last year, the Foundation’s Executive Committee voted to change the Foundation’s name to the Boston University Center for the Humanities (BUCH), effective September 1, 2011.
The change reflects the Center’s determination to be more than a silent source of funding. In current and future programs, BUCH will take an active role in promoting interdisciplinary conversations, organizing discussions of important issues, and sharing the excitement of the humanities with wider audiences, including alumni.
BUCH works to promote and enhance the work of humanities scholars at Boston University by offering research fellowships to junior and senior faculty members, by bringing distinguished scholars to Boston to participate in departmental and interdisciplinary programs, and by providing funding to a variety of humanities-related activities and initiatives. In practice and in theory, BUCH defines the humanities not as a finite list of departments, but as an expansive and flexible mode of inquiry and welcomes faculty members and students from all departments and colleges who share a common interest in issues of interpretation and value.
The Boston University Center for the Humanities is located at 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 107. For additional information about BUCH, contact Chris Loken-Kim at 617-358-6251( or visit


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