Center for the Study of Asia Appoints New Director

May 4, 2010

The Boston University Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) appointed Professor of International Relations and Political Science Joseph Fewsmith its next director. Fewsmith is also the director of the East Asian Studies Program at BU. He specializes in Chinese domestic and international politics, teaching several courses on the subject and frequently traveling to China to present papers at professional conferences such as those held by the Association for Asian Studies and the American Political Science Association.

At the core of Asian Studies at BU, the BUCSA sponsors a variety of activities, including scholarly lectures and conferences, film series and musical performances, and cultural events. It also contributes to curriculum development, faculty recruitment, and acquisition of library and audiovisual resources, and helps to manage community outreach programs.

Asian studies at Boston University has grown over the last two decades into one of the best and most comprehensive clusters of faculty and resources in New England. Over 50 full-time faculty and instructors focus on Asia across nearly all relevant fields and geographical areas, from East Asia to Turkey.

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