09.03.15 Katharine Silbaugh quoted in "Government Launches Video to Tackle Sexual Assault Rates in US Colleges," The Guardian
09.03.15 Tamar Frankel quoted in "On the 75th Birthday of the 1940 Act, a Reminder of the F-word's Power," Huffington Post
09.02.15 Lecturer in Law Babak Boghraty discusses sanctions deal with Iran
08.31.15 James Bessen cited in "College Calculus," The New Yorker
08.31.15 Cornelius Hurley quoted in "It's a Contraction, Not Another Great Recession,"
08.31.15 Linda McClain quoted in "Gay-Marriage Protest Hits High Court," Boston Herald
08.28.15 BU Law welcomes new faculty!
08.27.15 Prof. Tamar Frankel one of 100 distinguished attorneys named to Lawdragon Hall of Fame
08.26.15 David Rossman quoted in "Boston Bombing Trial: Should Juror Have Known About Victim's Family's Wishes?" Yahoo! News
08.25.15 Prof. Kathryn Zeiler conducts a large-scale empirical study with a grant from George Mason University
08.25.15 George Annas quoted in "We're Tantalizingly Close to a New Era in Childbirth," TechInsider
08.25.15 David Rossman quoted in "Sandwich Police Officer Admits Sufficient Facts in Drunken-Driving Case," Cape Code Times
08.25.15 Cornelius Hurley quoted in "Big Bank Update: Fined, but It's Business as Usual,"
08.21.15 George Annas quoted in "Secret Videos in Abortion Wars Are Nothing New," SunHerald
08.20.15 Prof. George Annas explains how the evolving science of genomics is changing medical care in new book, Genomic Messages
08.18.15 George Annas quoted in "We Might Not Want to Know the Dark Secrets Lurking in Our Genes," Tech Insider
08.17.15 BU Law remembers beloved Professor Lois H. Knight
08.17.15 George Annas quoted in "Planned Parenthood Loses Biomed Partner," Boston Herald
08.12.15 Keith Hylton quoted in "Google Did NOT Split up Because of the EU, Legal Experts Agree," Business Insider
08.11.15 Maria Hylton quoted in "Insurance Facts for Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar Drivers," WalletHub
08.07.15 Dean O'Rourke elected vice chair of American Bar Association Section of Legal Education
08.06.15 Cornelius Hurley interveiwed in "Hayes Receives 14 Years for Labor Rigging," Bloomberg Law Radio
08.05.15 Cornelius Hurley quoted in "Promontory Suit is a Reputational Catch-22," American Banker
08.05.15 Kevin Outterson interviewed in "Early Results Suggest an Effective Ebola Vaccine," Marketplace Health Care
08.05.15 George Annas quoted in "Designer Babies Are Coming – Here's Why Some Think That's a Good Thing," Tech Insider
07.31.15 Richard Ainsworth quoted in "The Best Legal Job Market for Millenials? Tax Law," Huffington Post
07.28.15 George Annas quoted in "Fetal Tissue From Abortions for Research Is Traded in a Gray Zone," New York Times
07.28.15 David Rossman interviewed for "On Second Thought," Georgia Public Broadcasting
07.27.15 Jay Wexler quoted in "A Sikh, a Jew, a Muslim and a Catholic: Funniest Moments from the Supreme Court's 2014 Term," Bloomberg
07.23.15 US Court of Appeals cites Professor Kristin Collins's scholarship in citizenship transmission case
07.23.15 SCOTUS, appellate courts cite four BU Law faculty in Summer 2015
07.21.15 Kristin Collins featured in "A Step Closer to Equal Citizenship – Morales-Santana v. Lynch
07.20.15 Adjunct Professor Jerome M. Hesch quoted in "Estate-Planning Tool Used by NBA Owner Likely Taxable Gift, Not Annuity," Bloomberg BNA
07.20.15 Cornelius Hurley quoted in "Five Years On, Dodd-Frank Bank Rules Still Being Written," CNBC
07.16.15 George Annas discusses assisted reproduction technology in "It's Time to Regulate the Fertility Industry"
07.16.15 George Annas quoted in "Genetic Testing is Taking Medicine To An All New Extreme," Business Insider
07.16.15 Stanley Fisher quoted in "State Charges Possible for Tsarnaev for Crimes in Middlesex County," The Daily Free Press
07.13.15 Jack Beermann authors "Embracing Delegation," Washington Times
07.13.15 George Annas cited in "Physicians and Lawyers Collaborated to Enable CIA Torture, Professors Say"
07.13.15 Wendy Mariner authors "Viewpoint: SCOTUScare for Obamacare"
07.13.15 Study by James Bessen and Michael Meurer cited in "The State of Patent Trolls in 2015," Inside Counsel
07.09.15 Tracey Maclin quoted in "Tsarnaev Begins Appeals Process, Seeks New Trial," Daily Free Press
07.09.15 Kristin Collins quoted in "US Court: Citizenship Law's Gender Differences Unconstitutional," Reuters
07.07.15 Justice Clarence Thomas cites Professor Gary Lawson’s paper in Jerusalem passport case
07.07.15 Keith Hylton quoted in "GE Gets Helping Hand from the 'Maytag Man' in Electrolux Deal," Fidelity News & Insights
07.06.15 David Seipp featured in Oxford University Faculty of Law podcast of the 2015 Youard Lecture in Legal History
07.06.15 Susan Akram featured in "'Building Bridges' at Islamic Center in Wayland," Wicked Local
07.03.15 Susan Akram quoted in "How Our War on Terror Continues to Crush Families and Destroy Charities," Alternet
07.03.15 Keith Hylton quoted in "Apple More Than 'Innocent Bystander' in E-book Price Fixings," Business Insurance
07.03.15 Nancy Moore cited in "WashU Expert: Should Attorney Whistleblowers by Financially Rewarded," Washington University Newsroom
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