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IT PC Lab AND I/O Services Window Hours Extended
7 December 2007
111 Cummington St PC Lab now open 24 hours/day.

Fall Web Classes - Registration Open
31 August 2007
Register now for fall web classes.

New Departmental Maps Available
31 August 2007
Add  a BU departmental map (like the new BU Maps based on Google) to your website.

BU Maps Launch
10 July 2007
BU Maps, based on Google Maps, officially launches and is publicly available.

Summer Web Classes - Registration Open
11 June 2007
Registration is now open for summer classes.

Spring Web Training - Round Two
3 April 2007
We are offering a second round of our most popular classes later this month (April, 2007).

Spring Web Classes - Registration Open
16 January 2007
Registration is now open for spring classes.

Flash Media Server Delivers Over 450,000 A/V Files in Four Months
4 January 2007
From September 10 2006 (when we began keeping count) through January 3, 2007, we served 456,880 streaming audio/video files using the Flash Media Server.

Browsers Used and Supported
4 January 2007
List of browsers used by visitors to the BU Web and supported by NIS.

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