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Fall Web Classes - Registration Open
13 September 2006
Registration is now open for fall classes.

Google Search at BU - Two Major Upgrades Completed
11 August 2006
We have completed the installation of two major improvements to the Google Search Service at BU.

Flash Media Server Capacity Expanded to 300
12 July 2006
Flash Media Server has been expanded to accommodate 300 users.

Summer Web Classes - Registration Open
31 May 2006
Registration is now open for summer classes.  We have scheduled our most popular classes for both June and July, to best accommodate vacation schedules of faculty and staff.

Flash Media Server - Streaming Audio and Video
31 May 2006
Publishers of audio and video content on the BU Web have a new option:  the Flash Media Server.

New Site: Weather & Radar
18 May 2006
This small, all-weather site contains weather and radar information for Boston and New England.

NIS Now Interviewing and Hiring Student Employees
19 April 2006
NIS is currently interviewing students to join its web team.

RSS Subscriptions and BU homepage
10 April 2006

Spring Web Classes Complete - Next Sessions in Summer
9 March 2006
Next round of web classes will be summer.

University Calendar Now Includes Subscription Feature (RSS)
7 March 2006
Subscribe to categories of events that interest you.

Spring Web Training - Round Two
9 February 2006

We are offering a second round of our most popular classes during Spring Break.

Core Design Applied to 4,000 Pages
7 February 2006

The Boston University Core Design has been applied to over 47 sites and 4,000 pages.

Athletics Department First to Use RSS Feeds
31 January 2006
You can now subscribe to sports stories from the Athletic Department.

News CMS Now Includes Subscription Feature (RSS)
25 January 2006

RSS new feeds that people can subscribe to are now automatically established for every topic and subtopic in your News CMS.

Spring Web Training - Registration Open
17 January 2006

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