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Sign Up for Spring Web Classes
21 December 1998
Information on registering for Web classes.

New Service: Feature Your Web
20 November 1998
How to feature your Web page.

Improvements to Search Service
11 November 1998
Recent and future improvements.

History Happened
29 October 1998
Live Webcast of the Great Debate.

Improvements to Forms and PonyExpress
20 October 1998
You no longer need to register mail IDs with PonyExpress.

Web Classes: 2 New Sessions
18 September 1998
Two more sessions of Web classes added.

Web Classes: 2 New Sessions
11 September 1998

About the Redesign
10 September 1998
Goals, specifications, and other information about the redesign.

Web Classes: 3 New Sessions
8 September 1998
Three new sessions added for new Web classes.

Sign Up for Web Classes
24 August 1998
Information on registering for new Web classes.

Web Launches and Impending Change to Home Page
13 August 1998
Launch of 28 new pages with over 260 additional links and description of changes to the home page.

Web Launch: What's New
23 July 1998
Launch of the new and improved What's New page.

a lowercase state of mind
17 June 1998
Changes completed to support lowercase URLs for all of the top-most directories on the central Web server.

Conforming to Standards
15 June 1998
A description and schedule of the changes beging made so that BU Web conforms to two globally accepted standards.

How Long Would You Wait?
9 June 1998
How long would you, should you, wait for a university's home page to display? See this survey of over 50 university home pages and the time it takes to display those pages.

Web Training, Questions Answered
20 May 1998
Follow-up on training.

Web Training in Fall
15 May 1998
Course ideas for fall.

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