EAAF 11/09/2011: The Incense Hall in Vernacular Hakka Architecture in Zhejiang, China: An Example from Shicang Village (1710-1850)

EAAF 11/02/2011: Archaeological Investigations into the Omuro Cairn and Mound Group (AD 5th-7th c.) in the Central Highlands of Japan

EAAF 09/15/2011: TWO TALKS-- Ancient Chinese Ceramics and Metallurgy & Isotopic Evidence of Human Subsistence Strategies in Prehistoric China

EAAF 4/28/2011: Korea's Treasures: Key Issues in Cultural Heritage Management

EAAF 4/14/2011: Imperial Aspirations: The "Cranes and Peaches" Folding Screen in The Honolulu Academy of Arts

EAAF 4/7/2011: Spatial Analysis of the Bronze Age Yangfutou Cemetery, Yunnan Province, China

EAAF 03/29/2011: Studies of Human Bones: Excavating the Neolithic Cemetery at Xipo, Lingbao, Henan Province, China

EAAF 03/01/2011: On the Move: Migrant Populations and Policy Adjustments in Guangdong Province, China Over the Past Thirty Years

EAAF 02/15/2011: Out of the Fiery Furnace: Casting Technology and Bronze Production in Late Shang Dynasty China

EAAF 11/22/2010: Palaeozoology of Palawan Island, The Philippines: A Zooarchaeological Look at Prehistoric Human-Environmental Interactions in Island Southeast Asia

EAAF 11/16/2010: Metallurgical Insights into Ancient Bronzes from the Erhai Region, western Yunnan, China

EAAF 11/12/2010: Exploring the Joseon Dynasty (14th-19th C.) Capital and Palace: Urban Archaeology in Seoul, South Korea

EAAF 11/02/2010: Copper, Tin, and Lead: The Archaeology of Metal Resources in Bronze Age Southwest China

EAAF 10/20/2010: Life, Death and Monumentality: Ethnography of Heritage and Peasants in Southern Laos

EAAF 05/05/10: Why We Need an Archaeology of 'Now': Towards an Archaeology of the Contemporary World

EAAF 04/29/10: Precise Radiocarbon Dating of the Origins of Chinese Civilization in the Central Plains Region

EAAF 04/28/10: Trans-Himalaya Interaction in Prehistory: Archaeological Evidence from Western Tibet

EAAF 03/03/10: Ladies First: Human Mobility and Social Differentiation in Neolithic to Iron Age Southeast Asia

As part of the new consortium partnership in archaeology between BU and Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, Prof. David Cohen (ICEAACH) and Archaeology graduate student Veronica Joseph visited Kyushu University Dec. 17 - 23, 2010, to attend an international workshop on the East Asian Bronze Age and Early Iron Age.

EAAF 12/04/09: Exotic Materials and Power Politics in the Xiongnu Empire

EAAF 11/06/09: The Archaeology of Keyhole Tombs: Political Structure in Early Kofun Period Japan (ca. AD 250-400)

EAAF 11/12/2009: Grad Student Open Forum

EAAF 10/27/2009: Clay Pipes and Betel Nuts: Archaeology at Banten Lama (Indonesia) and the Maritime Silk Road

EAAF 10/06/2009: Rescue or Destruction? Current Issues in Archaeological Cultural Resource Management in Japan


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