Troubleshooting MyPrint

Where to get help
Things we might ask you in diagnosing the problem
Resolutions to common problems

Everyone with a BU login name and Kerberos password is eligible to use MyPrint. Each semester you will be given an allocated number of sheets. After exceeding that allocation, you will be able to print with Convenience Points at a cost of 8 cents per sheet. For more detailed information, read About MyPrint

Where to get help

After reviewing the suggestions on this page, if you are still experiencing problems using MyPrint, the best thing to do is submit details about the problem through the Contact page, which goes to the IT Help Center.

Things we might ask you in diagnosing the problem

  • Did you use the ad\login format to authenticate? Please make sure that you followed the setup instructions exactly as they are written.
  • Can you queue to other printers? As a test, please queue the job to a different printer location. For example, if you can't queue to Myles, can you queue to Mugar? Note that you do not need to Release to Mugar (and be charged), we just need to know if you can queue jobs elsewhere and see that they do end up in My Jobs. (This could mean that you will need to set up another printer location if you don't already have others set up.)
  • Are you a LAW student? Run the test above and if you are experiencing problems with printing only to LAW printers (i.e. you can queue to other printers without a problem) you should (instead) contact LAW as described at
  • Have you changed your Kerberos password or BU login name since setting up your printers?
    See the Resolutions to common problems section for details on how to renew your authentication if this could be the problem.
  • Could you have typed your password incorrectly? This is a common mistake! See the Resolutions to common problems section for details on how to reenter your password if you want to test that possibility.
  • Is your Internet connection working in general? Before reporting a problem, make sure that your Internet connection is functioning normally for other on-line activities such as e-mail or browsing.
  • Have you ever successfully queued to this printer? If it was working for you at one time, that's helpful information.
  • Are your friends currently able to queue to that printer? If not, it could be that something is going on with the printer in general, rather than with your computer or settings. If you can test this easily, please do.
  • Could the print spool/queue Control Panel on your computer be stuck for some reason? Please try clearing it to see if that makes a difference.
  • Have you tried removing and reinstalling the printer? It might help to simply remove the printer driver and set it up again.
  • Are you running a local firewall? Any chance you are running a local firewall (e.g. AVG, Symantec or McAfee) that could be blocking File and Print Sharing?
  • Please make sure you are using updated virus protection software! Windows users, in particular, should make sure that your computer is running virus and spyware protection that is updating and scanning automatically. Among other problems, viruses and spyware can disrupt the network settings that your computer needs to use MyPrint correctly. For more information, see
  • Has anything else changed? Any new software? New error messages? Please let us know of anything new or unusual in your computing environment, even if it doesn't seem like it should be related.
  • What is your operating system? Please be as specific as possible (e.g. Mac OS 10.X or Windows X).
  • Have you tried rebooting your computer? Sometimes it can help to simply shut down, reboot fresh, and get a new network address.

Resolutions to common problems

Recently installed a new Mac OS and can no longer print?

If you recently installed a new Mac OS over an existing system in which MyPrint printers were already installed, you could find that those pre-existing printers no longer function properly. You can resolve the issue by removing the ad\ from your Keychain. However, if that doesn’t solve the problem, you should delete the printer(s) and set them up again, following the instructions for OS X on the Using MyPrint page.

Jobs not showing up in MyJobs

If you don't see your job listed immediately after sending it, it could mean there is a time lag in the queue. However, it should appear as a "pending" job very shortly and be ready to release soon after that. If the job never appears as, at least, "pending" then there may be something else going on. Please try clearing the print spool/queue Control Panel on your computer to see if that makes a difference. If it doesn't, review the related "things we might ask you" (above) and then Contact us.

Why can't I print a PDF or other document (e.g. from Blackboard)?

If you are viewing a PDF or other document from within a browser window, you might find that it won't print correctly. Please save it to the Desktop and, as needed, make sure that it has a file name of fewer than 132 characters. From there, you should be able to open and print it.

What causes the "Offending command: readline" error?

Jobs can fail if they have job names that are longer than 132 characters. If you receive notification of a failed job due to this error, it should help to make the job name shorter.

Why am I getting missing characters, blank pages or other job failures?

This can happen when you have generated a job that doesn't have the full font set embedded in it. Go into your printing preferences and look for (wording such as) "PostScript output format." Change the output to "Portability" and that should solve the problem.

All printers appear to be off-line

If all the printers you installed appear to be off-line, you may need to reboot the print spooler in Windows.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Open Administrative Tools 
  3. Select Service 
  4. Click Restart Print Spooler

Kerberos Synchronize your account

Use of MyPrint requires that your Kerberos password is synchronized for use with this particular resource. Any account created after April, 2008 should be all set. You are also all set if you are aware that you already use authorized resources (such as an Exchange Server) or wireless via BU (802.1x). It can't hurt to Kerberos synchronize more than once however, so if you aren't sure of your status, feel free to do so (particularly if you are troubleshooting). To Kerberos synchronize, you will simply need to do a one-time login at

Using a Mac and getting an "Access Denied" or "Hold for Authentication" error? Clear your Keychain.

When you are prompted to authenticate, you will need to enter your BU login name in ad\login format -- for example, ad\jschmoe. If you forgot to authenticate using the ad\login format, or if you made any other typos in your login name or password, you will see an access denied error that might read something like "Unable to connect to CIFS host." If you saved this incorrect login/password combination in your Keychain, you will need to clear out that combination and try again. Take the following steps to clear it out:

1. Open Applications->Utilities->Keychain Access

2. You will see a list referencing all the saved passwords in your keychain. Scroll down until you find the name that matches the printer nickname you used when you set the printer up (see the rich-ss example below).

3. When you click on the name (e.g. rich-ss) you will see the account that you typed in displayed at the top of the window. This will help you identify which one to delete. For example, if you see one that is "login" instead of "ad\login" you'll know that isn't going to work.

4. To delete a Keychain entry, press the Delete key, and when you are asked to confirm, click the Delete button.

5. Return to our configuration instructions you set up the printer again, making sure to include the ad\ in your entry.

Changed your password recently? Want to refresh your password in case you typed it incorrectly?

If you have changed (or incorrectly typed) your BU login name and/or Kerberos password at any point since setting up your printers, you will see an "access denied" error and should repeat the authentication instructions as described below.


  1. Start-->run \\
  2. Retype the new login name as ad\username and retype the new password.
  3. Check the box "remember my password".


  1. The job will be held in the local print queue (as opposed to the MyPrint queue) when you submit a print job but it will read "On Hold, Authentication is required."
  2. You should select the print job in the local print queue and then click the Resume button.
  3. The authentication window will pop up. Type the new login name as ad\login and the new password.
  4. Check the box Remember this password in my Keychain.

Printing from off campus?

If you are in an off-campus location, you will need to connect to the VPN before you can set up a MyPrint printer and every time you want to print remotely - login at

Why doesn't the printer collate when I send multiple copies?

Unfortunately, there is no collating. If you want X copies of a multi-page document, you should queue and print that document X times.