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QST MK 845 - Engaging Consumers in a Digital World
Digital technologies have transformed the marketing communications paradigm and the consumer decision making process. In particular, within this new paradigm, consumers are more likely to learn about new products and services from other consumers via online word-of-mouth and have more power to co-create products, experiences, and brand meaning with manufacturers and service providers. This course examines the implications of these changes for marketers. Specifically, the course examines how digital technology can be used to (a) engage consumers prior to purchase; (b) to enhance and augment the consumption experience; and (c) to build ongoing and long-lasting relationships with consumers post-purchase. These topics will be explored using case studies and a client-based project, as well as a final exam.

[ 3 cr.]

Grad Prereq: MK713/723/724
1 section scheduled for Summer 2019
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