BME PhD Prospectus Defense - Joshua Kays

Title: “The development of a degradable, biocompatible inorganic nanoparticle for infrared contrast”

Committee: Allison M. Dennis, PhD – BU BME (Advisor, Chair) Mark Grinstaff, PhD – BU BME, Chemistry Chen Yang, PhD – BU ECE Victoria L.M. Herrera, MD – BUMC Medicine

Abstract: There is great need for near infrared (NIR) contrast agents for preclinical and clinical use. Emissive and absorptive inorganic nanoparticle such as quantum dots (QDs) have the properties to meet that need; however, after 30 years of research, QDs have yet to have clinical relevance. This project isolates two of the main limiting factors – bioaccumulation in vivo and toxic substituents – and attempts to solve them through material design. Specifically, we demonstrate how current best-practices in the QD field have masked the impact of toxic substituents, using copper indium sulfide as a test case. We then propose the development of copper iron sulfide as a degradable, biocompatible, infrared contrast agent. We will demonstrate these ideal in vivo properties by applying these particles to a specific application, such as tumor or vulnerable plaque imaging.

Date: Tuesday, June 11th 2019

Start Time: 11:00am

Location: 8 St. Mary’s, Photonics Center, room 717

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