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Pardee Research Seminar: Frank O'Donnell

Frank O'Donnell, of the Harvard Belfer Center, will present on "The Sino-Indian Dyad: Emerging Stability Concerns?"

The Pardee School of Global Studies is proud to launch its Research Seminar Series as a forum for faculty and students to discuss and receive feedback on ongoing research. The series is a mix of presentations, works-in-progress sessions, and research workshops.

Faculty and students based at BU and elsewhere are invited to present and attend the Research Seminar Series. This seminar is open to the public; due to space constraints, however, admittance will be on a first come–first serve basis.

If you would like to present, please send an e-mail with your name, affiliation, and a description of your presentation, with “Pardee Seminar” in the subject line, to: Mahesh Karra (mvkarra@bu.edu) or Jayita Sarkar (jsarkar@bu.edu).

12:00pm on Wednesday, February 14th 2018

154 Bay State Road, Eilts Room


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