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EH Gijs van Seventer Seminar Series

The exposome is the accumulation of lifetime exposures to chemical toxicants and other kinds of hazards that interact with individual characteristics to impact health. Many factors can affect an individual’s exposome, from genetic makeup and gene-environment interactions to that person’s microbiome. At a population-level, the exposome can be characterized using novel technologies, such as advanced molecular detection, biomonitoring, microarray, and satellite remote sensing. These technologies allow measurement of the effects of climate change and urban heat islands, novel pathogens, and chemical exposures. They can also be used to assess any benefits accruing from attempts at mitigating these kinds of exposures and environmental conditions. The Spring 2017 Gijs van Seventer Seminar Series will explore novel technologies that can be applied to environmental health to better characterize the exposome and the impacts of specific and combined exposure and population characteristics on human health.

12:45pm on Friday, April 21st 2017

BU Medical School Building, 72 E. Concord St. (L-210)

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