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Breaking Ground: My Life in Medicine

Dr. Louis Sullivan discusses his newly published autobiography, Breaking Ground: My Life in Medicine. Dr. Sullivan has many annecdotes to share about his experiences in Washington, D.C., dealing with the burgeoning AIDS crisis, PETA activists, and antismoking efforts, along with his efforts to push through comprehensive health care reform decades before the Affordable Care Act. His interactions with political figures, including Thurgood Marshall, Jack Kemp, Clarence Thomas, Jesse Helms and the Bushes, capture a time in recent history. A reception and book signing will follow in the auditorium foyer. Seating is limited. Please respond by Feb. 1 to busmdev@bu.edu or 617-638-4570.

4:00pm on Monday, February 10th 2014

670 Albany St. (1st Floor Auditorium)