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Ideapod: Thought Leaders and Intellectuals Demonstrating the Power of Ideas on the Web

A number of threats to global peace and security require inspiring ideas and new solutions Yet during a time of information explosion on the web, it can be difficult if not impossible to directly share creative ideas with the organizations and social movements that can put these ideas into action. How can thought leaders and intellectuals harness the power of the digital revolution and provide new directions moving forward with their ideas? JThis presentation, by Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown, will focus on these issues and more, while providing an overview of a new approach to idea sharing on the web. Ideapod is tailored to the needs of thought leaders and intellectuals, helping them provide context for idea sharing. Ideapod launches in July in partnership with many international organizations and education institutions, including UNESCO, UNDP, OECD, Boston University and the London School of Economics. For more information on Ideapod, please see http://ideapod.com and http://www.thepowerofideas.com. Open ONLY to students, faculty, local and visiting researchers. To RSVP, please send an email with your name and institutional affiliation to eamrien@bu.edu.

4:00pm on Thursday, April 11th 2013

Dept. of International Relations, 154 Bay State Road (Eilts Room, 2nd floor)

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