ME Department Seminar: Cornel Sultan, Virginia Tech

Design for Control - Tensegrity and Helicopters: Knowledge of control requirements, capabilities, and physical system characteristics enables model development and system design that facilitate control design. Simultaneous design of the system to be controlled and the control system may also lead to substantial performance improvement. These principles are illustrated on two systems: tensegrity structures and helicopters. The tensegrity system is designed to yield accurate decoupled models with respect to all signals of finite energy and peak. Further analysis corrects several misconceptions regarding decoupling, system properties, and control design. For helicopters, recent advances in blade morphing technology are exploited in simultaneous helicopter and control system design. Substantial control energy reduction is obtained with relatively small changes in helicopter morphing parameters.

Date: Friday, April 12th 2013

Start Time: 11:00am

Location: RM 245


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